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I keep a private chicken farm in my garden, as a small leisure activity. As a natural side effect, rats have come on my grounds.

Neither I nor the municipality are satisfied with that.After the first control period, I chose to install AuroTrap devices in and around the chicken coop.

The chickens were never in any danger since they can’t access the trap, based on how the trap is constructed. The effect was immediate. I could see and follow the activity in the traps on the AuroTrap App on my mobile.

We were pleased about this development.

The cat quickly found out that there were dead rodents lying around for it to pick up around the trap. Eventually, the cat sat and waited for dead rodents to be served. I can therefore give my best recommendations for the trap. It requires no maintenance, and it is extremely efficient

Susanne Høg

After an expensive visit to the car dealer workshop, where they discovered that a rodent had chewed on the wires of the car, I realized that I had larger problems with mice in my garage than anticipated.

I explored various options for non-toxic rodent control. In consultation with my local pest control company, we decided to install an AuroTrap in the garage.

I have subsequently been informed that 23 mice have been removed from the property, so the trap is incredibly effective.

Henrik S.

I had massive problem with rodents on my property. We chose to try a non-toxic alternative, the AuroTrap.

AuroTrap has a multi-kill feature, so the trap remained effective, even after the initial kills. The trap can kill 80 rodents before you need to change the Co2 cartridge.

This is a much more effective way to deal with rodents than placing the traditional snap traps. The app function with its history, showing status and number of kills, created the perfect documentation needed for the local municipality.

We still have our AuroTrap devices on our various properties, they act as permanent protection and surveillance of our properties, always ready to act.

The AuroTrap devices were a success for our rodent control.

Allan Fredsø

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