The AuroTrap App

Experience the future of rodent control management with our innovative app.
Monitor traps, receive real-time alerts, and access vital data effortlessly.
Stay ahead of pests with precision and proactivity.

The AuroTrap App
The AuroTrap App

Introducing the AuroTrap App: Your Centralized Rodent Control Information Hub​

Key Data Points:

  • Daily Messages: Stay informed with daily system updates.


  • Number of Kills: Track rodent activity with precision.


  • Activated Traps: Monitor trap deployment effortlessly.


  • Battery Level: Ensure uninterrupted operation.


  • CO2 Level: Monitor trap and get notifications if Co2 needs to be changed.

Alerts and Alarms:

  • Kill Notifications: Receive instant alerts when a trap successfully eliminates a rodent.


  • Service Reminders: Stay ahead with notifications for scheduled maintenance.


  • Trap Movement Alerts: Be alerted if a trap is relocated unexpectedly.

Automated Customer Reports:

  • Kill Statistics: Access detailed reports on rodent activity and trap effectiveness.


  • Activated Traps Overview: Keep an eye on your entire trap network.


  • Trend Analysis: Spot patterns and make informed decisions.


  • Photo and Documentation Access: Visualize issues with photos and documentation from PC technicians.

Automatic data collection and reporting​

Aurotrap automatically collects a large amount of data, which is sent to a server.

All data is accessible via smartphone, tablet
and computer

The AuroTrap App

Trackable data for your pleasure

Benefits of the AuroTrap System

Save time and money on unnecessary outcalls

The AuroTrap system will enable you to work proactively with your rodent control, letting you know when your clients have unwanted visitors before they know themselves. Using the AuroTrap system will reduce your labor- and fleet costs by minimizing redundant outcalls.

Automatic data collection and reporting
The online system provides access to instant data and statistics 24/7. All data is automatically registered and stored for each individual trap to your app and backend. The system is set up to autogenerate reports for your clients.
Avoid secondary poisoning of predators and pets
With no use of rodenticides, the AuroTrap system eliminates the risk of secondary poisoning, and is safe for the environment and pets. Each individual trap can be set from the app and backend to operate only during certain hours of the day. This enables you to have traps only being activated to kill during nighttime at a school or other high-risk facilities.
More enviromentally friendly pest control
With an automatic and non-toxic trap, you reduce CO₂ emissions due to fewer service callouts and at the same time you protect the environment from toxic ingredients found in rodenticides.

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