About Aurocon A/S

Preben Asp is the founder of Aurocon A/S (Automated Rodent Control) and the man behind our patented non-toxic, IoT, multi-kill device, AuroTrap.

Aurocon wants to contribute to humane and non-toxic rodent control

Based on more than 8 years of practical experience from the pest control industry, Preben has carefully designed the multi-kill trap in detail.

Aurocon is located in Aars in Vesthimmerland. We supply traps to the whole world.

We want to contribute to a greener and more proactive rodent control without the use of rodenticides, with our connected multi-kill rodent trap.

AuroTrap is a Danish-designed rodent trap that is connected and autonomous with its built-in modem and SIM card. The design of the traps are attractive to rodents and has proven very effective for both rats and mice. Our innovative sensor-based technology, combined with comprehensive data collection and automatic reporting, makes AuroTrap an attractive choice for both the prevention and control of rodents.

AuroTrap is effective, durable, easy to service and minimizes the need for physical outcalls and provides optimal security and surveillance for the customer.

AuroTrap is for Professional Pest Controllers who wants to:

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